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Out of Hours at the Mall Galleries

Last week the Mall Galleries hosted an 'Out of Hours' exhibition which saw the work of staff who help maintain the galleries high quality of exhibitions. The work of three people in particular caught my eye. All the work differs in material and subject matter but I aim to show you the talent of these individuals.

The work of Greg Eason caught my eye straight away because of how he combines intricate pencil drawings with structure. He considers space so well and this often adds to the narrative of the work.

How he combines media is also very effective because of the sheer amount of technical skill the media harmonises with each other adding another dimension to the piece. With this work in particular beacause of the soft use of graphite the bright introduction of pink adds more character to the work. It also makes the subject matter appear more playful and changes the narrative of the piece.

The work of Jack Sutherland appeals to me because of the use of structure and shape within his work. The dynamic choice of shape within composition makes his work stand out. There is a real sense of fragmentation within his work that I associate with, he is able to captivate the viewer by working with the negative space and introducing ambiguous shapes.

His work has real movement to it as well and this is shown through the use of mark making and application of media. I find my eye drawn to the spaces in-between the structures which gives the piece volume. It shows how he has considered space within the composition.

Finally is the work of Sculptor, Liberty Rowley. Her work has intrigued me for ages and I have a lot of admiration for how she uses media in combination to create new and exciting narrative for the viewer to engage with.

Her use of materials in contrast with one another is effective in showing off the material or object in isolation. However this is what one has to appreciate when looking at something 3D like a sculpture; you often have a 360 degree view point. With work like this it is important to consider all areas of the piece because of it is being viewed. I love the use of contrast within her work; whether that be with colour or material. The careful consideration of these objects is what makes these pieces to dynamic; I love how they may be static structures but they have a real sense of movement within them because of the materials.


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