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Artist Talks: Sophie Eliza

I first saw Sophie's work on Instagram, she has recently graduated from Falmouth University. I love her use of colour and shape combination in her collages. She has a great eye for combining these to create striking pieces of work. I caught up with her to learn more about her influences and why she loves to create work. 

What have you learnt about yourself while studying at Falmouth University?
I found out what really drives my art. Before I started, I was very confused and didn't really know what I was trying to communicate. The second year of uni came around and I suddenly felt I knew what it was all about. Collage just kind of erupted everywhere. 
This is my favourite piece of Sophie's work. I think the combination of found imagery and colours works so well together. 

What artists/designers influence your practice?
Well, lets start with the big names... Kandinsky, Josef Albers... Bridget Riley. Composition , colour... they're just all so inspirational in so many ways. 
I adore the artwork that Julian House produced for the band Broadcast. His visuals echo their music so beautifully, it's just the perfect knit of two art forms. Optigram is another designer I love. He creates really crazy, mesmerising designs.

What has been the best exhibition you’ve been to?
There was this exhibition in NY a while back that I stumbled across. It was a wall of collages by Jay Riggio, a collage artist who I follow on instagram. They were just at the back of this shop where I was buying paper. I wasn't expecting to come across his work that day, so when I did it was such a treat!  

What has been your favourite piece you’ve created and why? Talk us through it.
A piece I created on a whim which I called 'Swimmer' got snapped up by my friends, Louie and Tom. They had recently formed their band, Glider and were looking for some of my artwork to accompany it. It kind of just popped up at the precise moment they were looking through my work on FB. They chose it for their EP release called 'Stinger'. I think it's probably one of the only pieces I've made that I don't secretly cringe about and want to delete. I actually quite like it. 


What are your future aspirations?
I'd really like to design stuff and get paid for it and be able to go travel places and buy records... and maybe have a nice apartment... in the Barbican estate... with have a cat or two. 
How was it putting together your final exhibition at the end of university?
It was actually pretty manic for me! I got very stressed out because I had to display my pieces so that they flowed with the rest of the show... so nothing too crazy composition wise. I take such a long time figuring out where things belong when I'm collaging. I managed to make it look good before the private view, but I guess it's a lesson for next time! 

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