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Colour Collective: August

For a number of years colour has played a huge part in my work. It would often be the starting point for how I would try and communicate an idea and often where I got inspiration from artists. However since doing my foundation I seem to have diverted away from this and currently my work is all about mark-making and shape. This is something which I find great pleasure in doing as I have found a way to get across my chaotic brain, ideas and way of working.  However something which is lacking is colour. Part of this could be because of I have turned to printmaking as a practice and I am still learning a lot about how to manipulate the plate.  Part of this includes colour and layering this up. 
It is something I am not fully comfortable with. I am very impatient and want things to work how I think they will, so I haven't yet tried much colour with my etchings. When I start my degree in September and get back into the studio this is something I want to change. 
I follow a lot of peopl…


I am always inspired by people who have an ability to capture a moment through film. I follow numerous accounts on Instagram and Facebook. I thought I would share some of my favourites and why I like their work. Photography has always been my way of capturing ideas as a way of documenting a thought for a project. However these people take it to another level. Dan has a real knack for being able to capture to excitement of an event as shown in the photos below, Millie has a great eye for colour and composition and Alex has a talent for capturing to vulnerability of her subject matter. I have followed her work for a long time and have real admiration for her portfolio.

Daniel John

Dan is a friend of my older sister from University. I first saw his work on Instagram and really loved his ability to capture emotion and movement on camera. Having the confidence to p…

Artist Talks: Jess Russell

I first met jess when I was on my Foundation. I really admire how she is able to make the mundane interesting. She looks beyond the obvious route when expressing her work. She is always working with exciting and unexpected media. I find how she manipulates these and turns them into art very inspiring. She is currently working on a personal project titled ‘mother’ and is looking for contributors to her Zine. Find out more about this at the end of the post.

What’s the major theme that runs through your work?

The most noticeable one to me is an appreciation of everyday things. Most of my works seem to be about drawing attention to the overlooked, the mundane and the discarded aspects of very normal environments, and suggesting that they be re-evaluated. I think the most commonplace objects are often the most interesting because you wouldn’t expect them to be. Beauty and value can be found everywhere if you are curious and questioning in the way that you approach the world.

What artists ins…

Etsy: Esme Bone

Esme Bone is an artist living in Cambridgeshire. I first met her this summer and think her work is absolutely beautiful and intriguing. She has a real knack for being able to place marks, shape and colour to create a composition that works. I really love the sense of fluidity within her work that is created through spontaneous mark making and repetition. This is something I try to influence within my work. Esme is starting at Falmouth University this September like me to do the BA Drawing course. I am looking forward to being able to work alongside someone who is interested in depicting mark in a similar way to me and I am also interested to see how her style develops. 
Esme says: "I like to create layers in my work, building up the textures and to juxtaposition varying components to compliment each other. I like the simplicity of breaking down a drawing into lines, colours and shapes and the relationships between them."
Below are some of my favourites from her online shop. I …

New Work

I hit a serious case of artists block this week. I have been non-stop since finishing my foundation in June and I think it has finally caught up with me. I took a step back and spoke to some people about how to deal with this brick wall. Many people said to slow down and take some time to just make work for myself. While the suggestion I liked the most was to try a new medium. While collage is not a new medium to me, it is something that I have neglected. I decided that this would be the thing I would try to not put so much pressure on myself and find enjoyment from creating work again.

Artists Block, 2015

'Mum and Dad', Collage 
Collaboration with Sophie Eliza

Talking to the Moon, Collage with Etching 

Designer Talks: Polly Vadasz

Polly Vadasz is a graphic designer who creates beautiful pieces of work that are translated onto bags, phonecases, stickers and amongst other things. I own her “This bag contains’ tote and the phone case with triangles on it. She is someone who works super hard to get her brand out there and I really admire how she is able to do this. She is the same age as me and has been able to set up her own successful business. She has collaborated with Youtubers and always seems to have some exciting project on the go! I caught up with her to learn more about how she works and how she feels about starting University.

What made you start your business? How has this impacted your life?

I started it up for fun, when someone on Instagram commented on one of my early doodles, saying they'd buy it on a product if I ever made it into something. After getting a good response from the phone case I made myself, I decided to sell some to those who wanted one... and so it began! :) It's impacted my l…

National Open Art: Joanna Hulin

Joanna Hulin's work has recently been shortlisted with the chance of being exhibited in the Royal College of Art. Her painting titled 'December 5th' is a beautiful work and appealed to me because of the use of texture. I was also drawn to the work because of how the artist had chosen to present it within a circular composition. I wanted to learn more about this piece of work so I hope you enjoy learning about Joanna's creation.

The shortlisted work for the competition can all be seen online. It is up to the general public to vote for the work they want to be seen in the Royal College of Art. Make sure you Vote for Joanna so she's in with a chance! She gets my Vote! The link can be found below:

What was the Inspiration behind December 5th?

A lot of my work is taken from imagery that could be considered quite controversial – so this part usually puts a lot of people off! A lot of even…

Sylvia Plath Drawings

I have always been a huge admirer of Sylvia Plath's poetry and when I studied English Literature at A Level we read her novel 'The Bell Jar'. This book had a huge impact on my way of viewing things. I was in a bookshop last week and I came across 'Sylvia Plath Drawings'. This book taught me that Plath's deepest source of inspiration was art. While her writing is celebrated throughout the world, her drawings are little known.

The drawings in the book have been created with pen and ink and are observed from period of her life. It shows intimate portraits of Ted Hughes, trees and churches. These drawings are contextualised by letter and diary entries about her art.

For now I will leave you with some of my favourite pieces from the book.

'A sketch of Ted Hughes'
The aspects of her work that I find beautiful is her use of mark-making and ability to create form through the use of mark. She is able to capture domestic setting and everyday life and make it inti…

M.C Escher Exhibition at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art

Back in June I was in Edinburgh and my favourite thing to do when I'm there is visit all the small galleries. However at the Scottish National Gallery of Modern Art M.C. Escher's work was on display so I had to go along and see his work.

The exhibition housed some of his most famous works. Over 100 prints and drawings which span across his whole career all presented for the general public to appreciate. The one thing I will say about this exhibition is how much impact the work had. I did not expect their to be so much to look at. I only say this because of the sheer amount of detail in some of Escher's work. I can imaging the pieces took a long time to create. This is one of the major things I admire about the artist, his attention to detail and how he engages the viewer.

This is one of my favourite pieces from the exhibition. The soft, grainy texture of the print is shown throughout the complex composition. How he has combined the different angles within the subject matte…