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Daniel Broadley//Photography&Film//

I first came across Daniel Broadley through his collaboration with Kate Mcgill and the band Meadowlark whose beautiful raw music I listen to on repeat. I was fortunate enough to see them perform at the end of the year in London. However I also follow Dan's Instagram and film work and have for some time now. I wanted to share his work with you because I think he has a real talent for capturing the landscape and the way people interact with the spaces around them.

Composition is key within photography and it is through following his work I have gained a better understanding about the framing of composition and how this really impacts a shot. He has a real ability to create an atmospheric narrative with his work. The second photograph captures a ghostly figure and just has so much emotion to it. Such a beautiful photo and one of my favourites that includes people within the composition.

The beauty of his photography is that he really captures the sense of space within the landscape …

New work//Reflection//January 2016

Yesterday I got my assessment results back from the first semester. It gave me a chance to see what the tutors thought about my working process and current body of work. I was really keen to see how I could improve and reflect to improve my practice further. I tend to dive straight into anything creative and if I have learnt anything from first term it is that I need to take my time with things. I say this a lot but I actually need to do it. I have three years for this degree.

I've broken down the key areas where I need to improve on and have thought about ways to tackle them.

1) Take your time and reflect// This is a big one, and I even said I would do it at the start of my degree however I have gone straight away, almost too quickly with the way I work and think. It has seen me burn out this term already. My problem is I want to keep going with what I love to do and don't see this. I need to take breaks and learn that this is ok to do.

2) Working longer on things - sticking …

Printed Surface and Textile Design//

There is a course at Leeds College of Art called Printed Surface and Textile Design. This is the course I would have done had I decided to not stay at Falmouth to do the Drawing Degree. The degree at Leeds combines my love of pattern and merrymaking for a purpose; whether this be clothes,  textile or interior. I have been following the work of some designers on the course for a while now and I thought I would share some of my favourites with you.

These designers are all very different with how they approach pattern and this is what makes the course so exciting. Core skills are taught and then they are able to branch out and develop their own visual language.

Hayley Hunter

Hayley's intricate paper cutting skills amaze me and motivate me to become better at it! (as well as being more patient and not to lose heart with it.) Her work shows great technical skill and imagination to create these beautiful designs. She has a strong eye for detail and mark-making. I also admire hows she mak…

Ian Hodgson//Fine Art

Ian Hodgson is a Fine Artist who creates figurative and architectural pieces of work which is explore  the notion of identity, place and memory. I first came across his way of working online last year and have been following his practice for a while. His distinct way of working is something I can relate to a low at the moment. The manic energy which has been created with the media he uses created a fragmented piece of work that the viewer can engage with and question the narrative.

Hodgson's use of mark-making with certain media is very inspiring and how he combines this with shape makes for a balanced composition. I find this piece very strong because of how he has incorporated the flash of red. 

This is one of my favourite pieces of his because of how he has explored identity. I love how he has shown this through the use of marks, repetition and simplification of shape.

His work is highly emotive and I find myself going back to view his work as it is very successful in conveying…

Cafe Morte: Lost for words exhibition review

I have just got back from the exhibition by collective Cafe Morte who currently have an exhibition at Falmouth University in the Project Space from the 7th to the 10th of January.

Jess Russell

Jess and her work have long inspired be since we met last year when I was on my foundation. Her ability to make the mundane appealing is a great talent. She captures her audiences attention by creatively displaying aspects of the world people often overlook and dismiss. The fragility of her work in the show really appealed to me because of how intricate each section of dust looked against other pieces in the show. I plan to go back when the show is a bit quieter and get some better photographs of the work. As the private view was very busy seeing the more intimate work was tricky at times.

Joanna Hulin

She knows how much I love her work and application of media. However this was the first time I was able to see Joann's work in the flesh. Being able to look up close to the work of an artist and…

Time to reflect: 2015

As I sit and write this I am back in Falmouth with the rain and wind pounding at the window. This year has been one of real highs and lows. It also seems to be a year that has gone on and on. I started the year of 2015 pushing myself and throwing myself into my practice. This meant early starts in the print room at Wellington Terrace. However it is through doing this and pushing myself that I have learnt so much about a process I am able to lose myself in.

I would say from the start of the year I was learning a lot but still lacking in confidence when it came to really knowing what I wanted to get out of my practice and the reasons behind why I do what I do. All I knew was at that point it was the one thing that made me content. It gave me a reason to get out of bed each day.

Fast forward to the end of May and I had my end of year show. I thought that this would give me some resolve. However in all honesty at the end of my course I was not very happy. At the time I didn't even kno…