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Favourite Blogs

As someone who loves to write about art and uses a blog to document this I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of my favourite bloggers who also share a love of this! 

I have followed the Jealous Curator for a long time now. The whole concept of the blog is very effective. I think it is great that art is being shared and commented on. This is something that inspired by blog and recent thing I do on Instagram where I share the work of creative people whose work inspires me. I do this to share it with other people in the hope that they get something from looking at the work. That is the beauty of concepts like Instagram, people can communicate with each other through images. It has been a great platform for me to meet other creative people and share my own work.

The writer of the blog has been very successful and has released two books which have a similar theme of helping artists work together and discover new ideas. Her book cre…

John Howard Print Studios at The Poly

Myself, Kayleigh and Emma went to the Private view of John Howard Print studios at the Poly this evening. John was my tutor on foundation and along with the wonderful technicians Becky and Jane helped me find a love for the process of print-making. My practice is focussed on etching but I always love to learn new print-making processes and am fascinated by how much there is out there.

Upon arriving the room was buzzing with people looking at the work. Ranging from detailed etchings to eccentricly coloured woodcuts. I came away once again feeling motivated and inspired by the process of printmaking

As always the work of Becky Haughton caught my eye. She has a great ability to both work successfully on large and small scale. These two in particular caught my eye because of the use of mark-making and colour. The intricate size of these etchings makes the viewer appreciate each mark that has been carefully placed on the plate. I find the smaller work more appealing because it is more inti…

2nd and 3rd year Exhibition at Tresco Gallery

Last week I was so fortunate to get the chance to go Tresco in the Isles of Scilly. At the same time second and third year work was being exhibited in the Gallery on the island. It was great to see so much work on display. In particular the work of Jon Koetsier, Kayleigh Duncan and Kayleigh Harris struck my attention. 
Jon's work is technically beautiful and he has a strong skill for using media to create dramatic scenes which draw the viwer in. The composition of his piece was really interesting because of how he had broken parts of the composition up to produce a new and exciting structure. I am inspired by his work to give graphite and pencil more of a go on it's own rather than just using it in combination with other media. I think if I do this my tonal value skills will become more confident and I will be able to find new ways to work with the media. 
Kayleighn Duncans work is my favourite piece from the exhibition. Her strong sense of line and structure is beautiful. The i…

New Work #2

I have been back in Falmouth for around a month now. A lot has happened and it's taken me ages to settle in properly. The term has started with a lot of representational drawing, life drawing and improving my technical ability. I have loved this and have grown in confidence with drawing outside and in front of people. The amazing thing about the Drawing course at Falmouth is that everyone, years 1 to 3 feels like one big family. The course is small and we are able to walk around and see what others are working on. This is very inspiring as it is great to see how others are developing their practice. 
The second years recently put on and exhibition of their work from a recent project about the emergent process. I was really inspired by a collaboration between 3 of the students. The use of media and scale of the piece has given me a lot of ideas. 
Work by Hilda, Kayleigh and Sam 
As well as being busy with the course I have also had some time to be back in the print room. It feels s…