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Artist Influence: Beth Greenwood

Beth is on the same course as me at Falmouth University. I first got the chance to see her incredible work when we talked about our love of nature and geometric pattern.

Beth's way of working inspires me because we have a very similar interest in subject matter and mark-making. Her fascination with the idea of death is recurrent throughout her work and she contrasts this idea of death with her delicate way of working. This is what makes her work so thought provoking.

The structure of her work is calming to look at because of this sense of symmetry and order. This is something I use in my own work with repetitive mark making. The sheer amount of detail within her work is stunning and she has a way with media which captures the delicate organic and natural subject matter.

The combination of mark making and material is very effective in this piece. As she is working on a ground that has texture she has carefully considered how the material is applied. The end result being something that draws the eye around. The skull in the centre is one of my favourite pieces of her work because of how she has used mark to create something representationally. I have not done this with pointillism in a long time. Seeing her work has motivated be to consider doing this again.


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