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Dear HGS//

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about why I chose to study and pursue art. When I was at school I lived in the art department and it was the one place I felt truly creative. I am thankful to the art department at my school for shaping me into the experimental, (gaining in confidence still), drawing student that I am at the moment. 

I was always inspired by other people who shared a passion for what they did. This shows as many have gone on to continue art or design to degree level. I thought I'd share with you some of the people from my school whose work and creativity inspired me and has allowed me to be where I am currently.

Miranda Balfe was always similar to me at school with being experimental and pushing how a medium could be used. She is currently at CSM in London studying textiles. I have always admired her use of colour and mark-making and this is translated beautifully into textiles. She uses experimental mark-making to create these bold and interesting orga…

Falmouth Collective// 25042016

A weekly blogpost celebrating the talent of Falmouth University Art students~

India Durban//Fine Art

India recently came first in the Cornwall Art Fair student competition. Her work titled 'the third driving test' was up against other students who were also showcasing their work at the recent event in St Ives this weekend. Her works are representational in showing sensitive emotions and she has a real technical ability in being able to capture this.

Calum Heath//Illustration

First came across the work of Calum through friends on the Illustration course. His use of line and colour is beautifully executed. Having a variety of line in drawing is fundamental in being able to capture the subject matter. He has done this and is also able to capture an emotive narrative. It makes the work a lot more personal.

Ella Kasperwicz//Illustration

I first came across the work of Ella through the Falmouth School of Art Blog. She illustrates the guest lectures by capturing the speaker through m…

What is Drawing?

When Tom Stockley and Maddie Broad organised a protest on the new Falmouth sign I got involved by leaving a sketchbook on the sign for people to comment in. I am always interested to know how people appreciate drawing as a medium within its own right. I also wanted to start a dialogue with people from different courses who are all part of the University. I left a sketchbook with the question:

What is drawing? I thought I would share with you the responses that were written within the sketchbook. 

'Line, an abstract creation, sometimes this can be seen as representational, but it never is as it is not physical. It does not create physicality as it is a fragment of ones imagination'
'Making your mark in anyway!'
"Movement, that's it really! - you can move in the air and it can be considered drawing, you can sculpt and it can be drawing, and you can make a sketch in or on something'-
'Drawing is your body and mind unifying. It is a trace of making movement…

Photography//April 2016

I have recently been using photography as a way to document my surroundings more. Current motifs within my photography include nature, reflections, structures and silhouettes. I thought I would share some of my images from the last couple of weeks. Being outside a lot more last term exposed me to more colours and textures which has influenced my work. I am starting to use more of my own photography within my collages. I want to do this so I am not so reliant on found imagery. It makes my work more personal and I feel more connected to the places as I have captured the place through photography. 
I thought I would share some of my images from the last month. Cornwall is such a beautiful place to study and live. I am so lucky to have this scenery on my door step. I am also living with photography students next year among others whose work has had an impact on my way of seeing nature and the world around me. 

Printmakers Collective// April 2016

Printmaking is key to my practice and I am constantly inspired by the work of the artists mentioned in this post. They all have a distinct way of working and push print making to new and exciting heights.
Sarah Ross-Thompson

Sarah's work appeals to me because of how she uses the medium to convey the natural world. Her sense of layering and combination of colour creates an interesting tactile quality which draws the viewer in. She is able to combine shape and mark making beautifully. 
Camila Linaweaver

Monoprints and Etching//
Camila's work is one of the first I came across when I first really got into printmaking last year. She uses mono-printing in such an innovative and unique way. I am constantly inspired by her ability to push the more simple print-making processes and create stunning one off originals. The texture and tactile qualities of her work make her work strik…