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Art for All//A Project

I make art for myself, to understand myself better and as a way of expressing something. Since starting Art School my confidence has been knocked, I have questioned myself and have met some of the loveliest, most creative people I know. I immerse myself into the art world to start a dialogue and communicate with people. I am always interested to hear about other peoples' work and the reasons behind what they make. I am able to enhance my own practice through this and hopefully meet some interesting people along the way.

I have found a new 'confidence' when it comes to talking, making and appreciating art. This has probably come from constantly being involved with art and not really knowing how to switch off. This is something that gets me down and leaves me questioning myself. The brain is a funny thing that decides to challenge everything you want to do. However I somehow push on through. This confidence at times seems foreign to me and leaves me feeling even more anxious and like I have something to prove. I have come to the conclusion that this is because I care so much about the people around me and art in general.

I sold work at an Art fair at the weekend and I always do things like this to gain in confidence and meet new people. Making in any money is a bonus, the first time I did a fair, my work sold well and it's always interesting to start a dialogue with people about your process and why you do things in a certain way. This time I made eight pounds and sold two pieces of work, for which I am so grateful. However this left me also feeling very deflated as I had got so anxious about doing the event I wasn't going to do it. While wallowing in self pity is something I know how to do very well I figured I would turn this 'downer' into something.

I had eight collage pieces left over and I was travelling home for the week anyway as I am on a trip with the drawing gang in London. I thought it would be interesting to give away my art for free to people as I travelled home. I did this partly because I wanted to document the journey in an interesting way, while the scenic train ride is beautiful, I can't sit still for very long. I made my way through Woodlane Campus at 7AM in the morning and left the first piece work. This is when the nerves hit me!

I had left a small note in the piece of work, written rather quickly at 5AM. The note said 'Free Art, Take me, have a nice day'.

The District Line in London//

Kings Cross//

This is a project I'm hoping lots of people can get involved with. It is something that I woke up and thought about doing rather spontaneously. However it is doing things like this which allow people to engage with art in new ways//


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