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The shadow of a doubt

It might be January blues, It might be because I'm burnt out but at the start of a new term this is the last thing you need. (it probably is the latter because I don't know how to stop...) Whenever I get like this I have different things I do to try and keep myself occupied. I was talking to some people on Instagram and they suggested actually forcing myself to have a lazy day. I am bad at this because like other creatives I put a lot of pressure on myself to be making all the time. I thought I would put together some books, music and videos I go to when the shadow of a doubt/artist block is creeping in.

One of the best documentaries that always leaves me inspired is 'What do Artists do all Day - Norman Ackroyd'. Ackroyd is one of my favourite Printmakers and I've been fortunate to see his work in the flesh and each time I see it, it inspires me. I think it is great when other artists share an insight into their way of working and thought process behind the work. There is something reassuring in the way he talks about his work. Despite having seen this documentary more times that I can count It always inspires me to get making in some way of another. I still feel like I am absorbing and being creative and learning about someones process, which is always a good thing.

There are more episodes of 'What do artist's do all day' on Youtube and you can see into the minds of the likes of Cornelia Parker and Sir Peter Blake.

Music is always something I rely on heavily for inspiration and when I draw I am often listening to music. However due to health and safety this isn't an option in the print room so I am often left with my own thoughts and note book. This isn't a bad thing, it's just a different way of working. I find being in the print room a good source of inspiration for making because you meet people from different courses. I've made some of my closest friends this way and I know we always bounce of each others thought processes. Current music that I listen to while I work includes: 

The Smiths, Radiohead, Gengahr and Bon Iver, this changes daily but these guys have been on repeat on my Spotify. I've made a playlist sharing some of my favourite songs which you can find here

.....there is a certain irony in writing this blog post, about half way through I lost momentum...but here I am....continuing...

I know this block will pass but It's just frustrating when I have all these ideas just not the energy of momentum to push on. My news resolution is to slow down, this is proving tricky but I am trying to stick to it. 


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