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Dear HGS//

I have been doing a lot of thinking recently about why I chose to study and pursue art. When I was at school I lived in the art department and it was the one place I felt truly creative. I am thankful to the art department at my school for shaping me into the experimental, (gaining in confidence still), drawing student that I am at the moment. 

I was always inspired by other people who shared a passion for what they did. This shows as many have gone on to continue art or design to degree level. I thought I'd share with you some of the people from my school whose work and creativity inspired me and has allowed me to be where I am currently.

Miranda Balfe was always similar to me at school with being experimental and pushing how a medium could be used. She is currently at CSM in London studying textiles. I have always admired her use of colour and mark-making and this is translated beautifully into textiles. She uses experimental mark-making to create these bold and interesting organic shapes

The girls in the year above me were always so good at painting. I was always intimidated by them and I wish I had more confidence when I was in school talk to talk to them about their work more. It was always something to look up to.
Next is the work of Olivia Durley who is studying Painting at Brighton. Her work was always technically beautiful and I still remember her Year 12 and 13 pieces because of how confidently she used paint to create representational images. However they were always so raw as you could see how each mark had been applied. Her current work echoes this sense of rawness but in a more abstract form. I think her use of colour reflects her patience with the medium. I love how I can look at these pieces of work and tell that they are hers through the application of mark.

Beth Horner's work was always something special and she pushed herself so much with subject matter and how paint could be used to convey narrative. Currently Studying Painting at Wimbledon she is making work which continues to push how paint can be used. Her work combines a strong use of abstraction and figuration which I take a lot of inspiration from.  The texture within her work is also beautifully executed providing the viewer with something that is tangible but adding a sense of the unknown due to fragmentation of the scene. 

Claudia MCphail is currently on an art course with Edinburgh University who I was fortunate to meet up with when I visited last term. It was so refreshing seeing someone from such a long time ago but still so passionate about their subject. Her work pushes boundaries and focuses on the idea of language and political views. 

Amy Jones was in the year below but was someone who had talents in both Art and Design. She is currently studying Graphic communications in Leeds. Her dedication and work ethic is something that is admirable and something that we bond over! Her use of line within a digital format is something that I want to learn from, she is able to push her drawings into digital and still retain a sense of character and distinct idea that she is the one who has made the work. 

Kat Smith is someone who is still at my old school and still making beautiful work. I first came across her work due to using a similar medium an application of line. Her pointillism studies are still something I remember and love about her process. By using pointillism it showed the viewer the importance of process as well as the outcome. 

Sarah Graham studied at my School. Her work was always an inspiration because of her use of colour and because of how she has progressed in her career is someone our teachers always mentioned. my friend Alana on my course actually met her and went to a course she ran. Her vivid use of colour and how this conveyed through the subject matter makes her work memorable and positive. Her work has been used for album covers and makes me proud to have gone to the same school as her. She is someone with a high technical skill and creative flare which means she pushes herself. 


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