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Artist Books// 11032016

We had a lecture on artist books the other day. It was hugely beneficial as it taught me a new way to consider presenting work to a viewer and audience. I think this could be a way forward for combining paper cutting, college and printmaking. 

First year Graphics currently have their own on display where they have been bookbinding. I went to the private view yesterday evening with Sophie and thought I would share a few of my favourites. It's really interesting to see how an idea and narrative has been communicated. 

I've also put in a few established artists whose books I find inspiring and have given me a few ideas. 

Julie Chen//Artist Book

Lucy Scholes// Year 1 Graphics @ Falmouth University 

Lucy's beautiful hand made book focuses on the idea of memory. She has been very sensitive with the use of material to convey the idea of a memory fading. This has been achieved through screen printing and combining media. 

Millie Elliott// Year 1 Photography @ Falmouth University

Mille recently made a small zine about the contrast between man made and organic structures. The outcome is a beautifully minimal piece that focuses on shape and texture. 

Jemma Edwardes// Year 1 Graphics @ Falmouth University

Jemma's book caught the eye of Sophie and I because of the use of glitch work on the cover. How Jemma had made the book was also sensitively approached. The stitch work and attention to detail made for a very successful book. 


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