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Photography No.1

Nature has always influenced my work, It is just something I have always been able to get great inspiration and source material. While I like to draw to study aspects of a subject matter I also really enjoy photography. I have a Nikon D5100 and am still learning how to use it but I love to experiment with composition and lighting.

I follow blogs and people on Instagram who I always find inspiring for my art. A lot of these photographs are of interiors which combine nature in an interior setting. I always find this calming and tranquil because of the way to photos have been edited and composed. The visuals are often simple but beautiful.

Some examples of the people I follow on Instagram include: Mimi, who is an artist at Falmouth. Her use of colour palette is stunning. I also really resonate with how she connects with printmaking as a process. I also follow Toro Studio in Falmouth, whose plants are always so beautifully displayed. When I go back to Uni in September I am going to make a visit and stock up on the interesting array of plant life.

I decided to try and do my own photographic response to the works I am inspired by on these blogs and Instagram. It is great having a pretty younger sister who I can ask to model for me. She is a very delicate person and is good with colour. Together we planned some kind of colour palette and this was some of the results. I hope you like them. The first group of 4 images have not been edited in anyway.

I was experimenting with composition and the idea of symmetry. Ellie picked up this leaf which complimented her dress. I am not a very patient person when it comes to photographing. I like looking through all the images after and selecting the ones I deem suitable. However I am learning the importance of planning with a 'shoot'.

These are some of the images I edited. I experimented around with lighting and combining images. Photography is something I want to explore more with different subject matter. It is something I will continue to do to document and record the world around me.

I've been using Instagram a lot recently as it is great to share photos with a wide audience. My username is meganfatharly. 


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