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Falmouth Collective// 06052016

A weekly blog post celebrating the work of Falmouth University Students~

Stephanie Stubbs//

I first came across the work of Stephanie last week when I was looking round the first year fine art studios. Her work has such a tactile quality about it and having this tangible quality means that the viewer is able to appreciate the material that has created the work. The fluidity of her work is calming and the colours reminiscent of water.

Jess Russell//

Images taken from a current exhibition on display at Woodlane Library, Falmouth Campus. Titled A History of Ideas, Jess has taken old library slips from books and created a new narrative by displaying them in the library. The idea that these slips capture a moment in time and are sometimes lost, found again by students amongst the pages of books is something that she has been able to capture and re-tell so an audience. It also captures the idea of how the library now uses a digital system to log books being taken out by students. The beauty of these slips is how they have changed over time and exactly that, how time has been captured and recorded through stamps.

Jess's way of thinking and making the mundane beautiful has always inspired me. She just has this ability to push how material can be read.

James Calderbank

James' work has really intricate qualities about it. He has a confident use of visual language which is echoed in both his digital and drawing work.  I chose to share this piece of his work because of the colour combination of blue and orange which has been uses effectively when creating this poster.

Yoli Ward

Yoli's use of colour and line to create emotive pieces of work is done in a way which pushes how the narrative can be seen. She has done this in a recent project about educating people about Sex Education. The rhythm of her line creates a calming and warm image.

She is the Arts Editor of the Falmouth Anchor too and has put together a fabulous collection of pieces of work. If you're around Campus be sure to pick up a copy.


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